CANGHAI Automatic Paper Feeder

CANGHAI Automatic Paper Feeder

The automatic paper feeder is a continuous paper feeding device that is developed for the carton printing of the original chain of the carton factory. Therefore, the manual sheet feeding is changed to continuous feeding, which ensures that the cardboard is positive, not only improves the work efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity of the workers. Reduce the scrap rate.

1. Cardboard size adjustment adopts screw adjustment mechanism. One person operates. Simple and quick.

2. Convenient adjustable paper table, better adapt to all kinds of cardboard, and the paper feeding is stable and accurate.

3. The paper feeding belt adopts high-quality rubber seamless belt, which has large friction, long service life, low noise, easy maintenance and high economic efficiency.

4. Double tension control, convenient and reliable.

5. The drive shaft adopts a pattern roller to increase the friction with the paper feeding belt to ensure smooth and high speed conveying of the paperboard.

6. This machine has an electromagnetic clutch release brake mechanism.

7. This machine is controlled by PLC automatic program, with high degree of automation.

8. The inverter drives the motor to achieve stable speed regulation.

9. The photoelectric signal is controlled by the PLC to control the electromagnetic clutch braking to achieve synchronization with the host.

10. Electrical parts adopt international and domestic famous brands to ensure stable operation of the machine.

Automatic paper feeding machine performance

1. The paper machine head gas path is controlled by integrated pipelines for easy operation;

2. The paper suction nozzle increases the angle adjustment, and the panel is provided with knob control for easy operation;

3. Paper feeding speed > 12000 sheets / hour.

4. Designed to integrate machine, electricity and gas, the shape is generous and sturdy, easy to operate;

5. The cam of the paper feeder is excellent in design, stable in operation and accurate in paper feeding;

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