CANGHAI Auto starch mixing tank

CANGHAI Auto starch mixing tank

CANGHAI Auto starch mixing tank

※ Feature:

★ This system of glue making process is fully automatic.
★ This system when it making the glue, no need additive. The seepage force of starch very strong and stable, long time no separation. This system when making the carry glue, the machines power big, high rotate speed cutting more well-distributed.meanwhile the serrated
knife blade damage the starch molecular link directly, let the starch grain become more small,

let the molecular more easy to permeate into paper, no need add additive to increase adhesion strength, in addition when mixing the system equipped with traditional promote mixing blades to insure mixing cutting more well-distributed and smaller, let the adhesive more thinning and stable.
★This system charging process control by procedural setting, and we are according to the different carton factories business situation to design this software of control system, operation stable and reliable.

(1) Amount and feed of material

All materials feeding via procedure setting and control by PLC,amount precise, avoided the traditional glue making system due to operator factors influence the glue quality, especially viscosity and pasting temperature

(2) Temperature control

The system equipped with temperature transducer and display control temperature of glue, in order to ensure the starch molecule more easy to dissolve in water, meanwhile avoid the adhesive quality influenced by ambient temperature produce large changes. the temperature controlled by PLC.

(3) This machine equipped with automatic washing program, each conveying th finished glue, automatic cleaning of the tank

(4) Store glue pot when the glue will use up, it can be automatic making the glue.

(5) The time of cutting and mixing via procedure controlled by PLC.

★When making the same quality glue, this system compare with traditional making system, this system making time is shorter, in order to meet the needs of the high-speed production line

Structure feature

1. This system adopt special cutting device, meanwhile with traditional advance blade.

Main pot material is carbon steel.

2. This machine adopt 2sets total 6pcs weighing transducer, adopt PLC control to feeding the material

3. This system via the setting program. Due to PLC control the time of cutting and mixing.

4. Starch storage pot material is carbon steel. Meanwhile with helix pusher system. storage pot with 2 pcs level meter,2pcs shaker, when the starch less under the line, the system will give an alarm to add the material.

5. This machine with temperature transducer. via the procedure setting, display on secondary meter, adopt PLC control temperature.

6. Main component (glue pump, pneumatic valve and electrical component) adopt imported brand, insure the operation more reliable and stable.

7. Main parts (alkali liquor system, man axis, tube, cutting and advance blade etc.)All adopt stainless steel, insure the working life.

8. The system adopts PLC control, ensure the operational reliability. Adopt weighing transducer, ensure the feeding material precise, so the adhesive more stable.

9. This machine main frame adopts coating process, clean and tidy.


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