CANGHAI Five Layer Flute Laminating Machine


CANGHAI Five Layer Flute Laminating Machine
Fully Automatic flute laminating machine mainly consists of automatic paper lifting mechanism, facial paper conveying bridge, double bottom paper synchronous and asynchronous conveying mechanism, double bottom paper positioning mechanism, circulating rubber coating mechanism, facial paper bottom paper positioning and pressing mechanism and pressure transmission. The composition of the organization, thus completing the high-precision and high-speed matching of color printing paper and more than 350 grams of cardboard and corrugated paper, is the most ideal packaging equipment for large and medium-sized packaging enterprises at home and abroad to produce colorful corrugated cartons and folding boxes.

Machine structure characteristics
1. The face paper conveying adopts advanced technology. It adopts four suction and four delivery combined with the blowing and inhaling generated by the powerful high pressure vacuum pump to realize efficient output of 200-500 gram paper.

2. The side of the stack of paper is adjusted by the position display, which makes the stacking of the paper more accurate, and the positioning adjustment of the bottom paper side is more convenient and quick; the height limit of the paper stack is automatically touched.

3. The whole process of paper feeding is combined with belt and pressure roller, and automatic tracking type feeding; pressure roller adopts special pressure roller for printing machine, thick and thin paper can be effectively transported; paper conveying is equipped with anti-circle device, all kinds of paper can be smoothly conveyed.

4. The two bottom papers adopt high-strength and high-friction perforated belts and high-pressure suction to feed the paper, so that the bottom paper replenishment can be realized without stopping the machine; the length of the bottom paper is equipped with a rotatable paper holder to support the long paper.

5. The bottom paper feed roller set adopts a pattern design, which makes the machine not easy to slip at high speed.

6. The bottom paper positioning adopts chasing gauge and high-speed axial fan differential positioning, and the front and rear positions can realize non-stop adjustment; the synchronous card slot design controls the side paper side position error to a minimum; the design of the chasing gauge ensures that the machine is processing high-strength bottom. Paper feed errors do not occur on paper.

7. The gluing system adopts the liquid level high and low induction device, so that the glue can be replenished at any time, and the excess glue is recycled and used, which greatly saves the glue use cost.

8. The paper surface is made of steel mesh design, and it is automatically homogenized with the rubber metering roller; and the rubber roller group adopts medium and high design, and the differential metering amount is adjusted to greatly improve the uniformity of the glue coating and enhance the rubber coating. The adhesion is firm, and the amount of glue is effectively controlled between 25g-40g per square meter, which greatly reduces the use cost and enhances the strength of the cardboard after the affixing.

9. The positioning of the bottom paper and the facial paper adopts the front gauge elastic positioning, and the paper of the size does not need to be adjusted twice; the intelligent control system is used to realize the automatic alignment of the traveling paper; the front gauge position is adjusted by the digital meter, and the minimum adjustable range is 0.1 mm.

10. The face paper and the bottom paper transport adopts the photoelectric inspection, guarantees the feeding paper accuracy.

11. The positioning roller adopts steel slotting design, which is easy to clean and improves the lifetime.

12. The bottom paper and the face paper are combined with a double pressure roller design.

13. The bottom paper adopts the automatic humidification system; the steel roller under the rubber coating is automatically cleaned by the differential washing of the rubber roller, which ensures the cleaning is more clean and more effective, and also effectively prevents the warpage of the finished paper after the completion of the plastering.

14. The press-fit and setting adopts the differential press of the double-pressure conveyor before and after, so as to ensure that the products after forming do not have the quality problems such as bubbles and glue opening.

15. The belt is designed with a suspension design, the pressure is automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the pressed product, and the pressed cardboard is firmer and stronger, and the strength is higher.

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