• CANGHAI ML Series Creasing and Die Cutting Machine

      CODE MAX.EFFECTIVE CUTTING AREA Overall Size(L×W×H) ML-750 750*520MM 1260*1350*1280MM ML-930 930*670MM 1670*1670*1630MM ML-1100 1100*800MM 1900*1800*1700MM ML-1200 1200*830MM 1900*2000*1700MM ML-1300 1300*920MM 2000*2400*1800MM ML-1400 1400*1000MM 2000*2450*1900MM ML-1500 1500*1050MM 2000*2500*1930MM ML-1600 1600*1250MM 2170*2560*2230MM ML-1800 1800*1300MM 2240*2800*2130MM ML-2000 2000*1400MM 2280*2900*2230MM   1. The machine adopt high quality casting materials. 2. Centralized lubrication system to ensure good lubrication, reducing wear and tear. 3. Reliable security protection system. 4.With a pneumatic clutch.(Option)

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