WORLDWIDE Paper Board Feeder Machine

CANGHAI Paper Board Feeder Machine

Main Features OF paper feeding machine for corrugated paper board match with printing machine

Equipped with lead screw adjustment syetem for adjusting the feeding szie according to the different szie of cardboard, it’s operation is easy.

Available for adjustable paper platform, more adaptable for kinds of cardboard, stable and precise paper feeding.

Adopts advanced seamless rubber strap, which has big friction, long life, low voice, easy maintenance and high economic efficiency.

Double stretch power control, convenient and reliable.

Transmission roll adopts decorative design roll, which increase the friction between strap and roll, ensure stable and fast cardboard feeding.

This machine includes electric and magnetic clutch separating brake system.

This machine adopts PLC auto program control, so it has high automatic extent.

Frequency converter drives motor to realize stable velocity change operating.

Light and electric signal brakes by PLC control power and magnetic clutch to keep pace with the main engine.

Auto feeder for chain feeding machine

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