• CANGHAI Automatic PE Belt Strapping Machine

    CANGHAI Automatic PE Belt Strapping Machine Based on the automatic carton baler, our company has developed and upgraded the technology and re-integrated the new automatic carton baler designed and developed. The whole machine is controlled by PLC, which is reliable in operation. The adjustment of the single is simple, fast and accurate. The structure is firm and the stability is good, which greatly prolongs the service life of the whole machine. Features: 1, easy to operate, easy to maintain, safe…

  • CANGHAI Semi-Auto PE Belt Strapping Machine

    Canghai PP Strapping Machine for carton box   Size List 70 100 120   Features: This machine is simple, maintenance-free, bundled items saves time and effort. For: newspapers, books, boxes, clothing, food, chemicals and other packaging to facilitate handling and transport. 1.Save time, material, human; 2.shorter working hours; 3.Easy operation (no experience can operate); 4.automatic adjustment and different sizes of packaging; 5.Safety do not bother the operation; 6.increase efficiency, simple and widely used.  

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