Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Canghai Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

CANGHAI fully-automatic-corrugated-cardboard-carton-production-line

※ZJ-V6 hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand

※structural feature:
★adopt hydraulic drive to complete the paper clamping, loosen, remove for the medium, translation left and right and others,the lifting of the paper adopts hydraulic drive.
★brake adjustable adopts multipoint braking system.
★every stand matched two sets paper car , and they can paper on the both sides at the same time.
★ tooth jammed with dual-stage head and jammed the first three \ four inches dual-stage.
※technical parameters:


Rank Name parameter
1 Backstands action: full hydraulic operation
2 the range of clamping paper: MAX2500mm MIN800mm
3 clamping diameters: MAX¢2500mm MIN¢350mm
4 Unilateral maximum load: the MAX.5000Kg
5 Paper holder spindle diameter: ¢270mm
6 Working air pressure(Mpa): 0.4—0.8Mpa
7 working power: voltage 380V frequency 50Hz

※Hydraulic system parameters:
1、working pressure (Mpa):16—18Mpa
2、hydraulic cylinder working range(lifting):¢125×440mm
3、hydraulic cylinder working range(clamping /Traverse):¢80×1300mm
4、hydraulic station motor power:4KW short (S2)working system rated voltage and frequency:380V 50Hz
5、hydraulic station solenoid valve working voltage:220V 50 Hz

※ Hydraulic paper trolley, track

Hydraulic paper trolley, track





※structural feature:
★ On the double position paper on design, hydraulic clamp for paper, paper unloading hydraulic push rod save manpower, hydraulic motor traction feeding trolley.
★ track buried whole, the main frame of the 18th channel, beam and ¢ 20mm drawing bar welding, rail length 9000mm.
★ Each paper Paper holder with both the car from both sides of the paper simultaneously.

※RG-1-1000 top(core)paper preheater
※RG-3-1000 triple preheater

※structural features:
★preheat roller accord the pressure container national standards,and enclose the pressure container certificates and inspection certificate.
★Each roller surface after grinding precision grinding and dealing with hard chrome plating, Surface friction is small, durable。
★electric adjustment angle, and angle can rotation adjustment the preheat area in the range of 360°。
※technical parameters:
1、diameter of preheat roller:¢1000mm
2. angle shaft diameter:¢114mm×2
3、working power:380V 50Hz
4、Motor power:250W short(S2)working system

※SF-405E Multi-cassette positive pressure single facer

※structural feature:
★design speed:250m/min。
★effective width:2500mm。
★main corrugating roller:¢405mm(According flute differ),pressure roller¢495mm,preheat roller¢420mm。
★using negative pressure design, lower heat consumption, helps the core paper to press evenly and close to the surface of corrugated roller, make the corrugate molding better, because the pressure evenly, the top of corrugate can glue uniform and better, make the single corrugated paper have perfect laminating.
★quickly change rollers in 15 minutes, while change corrugated roller with the electric trolley loading,put into the machine,and air pressure system will lock it,fixed to the machine base,only need a few buttons can complete the replacement quickly and easily.
★corrugated roller adopt50CRMO high quality alloy steel, dealing with heat,after grinding tungsten carbide surface treatment.
★corrugated roller, pressure roller adopt airbag control system having high stability, having the barometric pressure control buffering effect at the same time.
★Glue volume control with electric adjustment,rubber septum electric device,the glue system can operate independently when the motor stops,prevent glue exhausted。
★the moveable type glue unit is convenient to clean and maintain。
★easy operation control system, touch screen operation interface,Drawing with color display operating status, function selection, fault indication, and parameter settings, etc. can exclude exhibit this machine fully functional, easy to operate, user-friendly.
★built-in pre-conditioner with proportional spraying device, adjustment the core paper temperature and moisture.
★main, vice corrugating and pressure roller bearings are used in high-temperature grease to ensure bearing life running smoothly。

※technical parameters:
1、working effective width:2500mm
2、operation direction:left or right(Determined in accordance with the customer’s facility)
3、design speed:250m/min
4、temperature range:160—200℃
5、air source:0.4—0.9Mpa
6、steam pressure:0.8—1.3Mpa
7、corrugate flute:(UV type or UVV type)
※roller diameter parameters:
1、Main corrugated roller diameter: ¢405mm vice corrugated roller diameter:¢346m
2、pressure roller diameter: ¢495mm glue roller diameter:¢318mm
3、Fixed paste roller diameter: ¢173mm preheat roller diameter:¢400mm
※power motor parameters
1、Main variable frequency drive motor:37KW rated voltage:380V 50Hz continuous(S1)working system
2.Suction motor:18.5KW rated voltage:380V 50Hz continuous(S1)working system
3、adjust glue reducer :90W rated voltage:240V 50Hz short(S2)working system
4、adjust glue gap motor:90W rated voltage:240V 50Hz short(S2)working system
5、glue pump motor: 2.2KW rated voltage:380V 50Hz continuous(S1)working system
6.adjust pressure roller gap:100W rated voltage:380V 50Hz continuous(S1)working system
7.glue driving motor:3.7Kw rated voltage:380V 50Hz continuous(S1)working system
8.preheater roller rotate motor:0.55 Kw.
※TQ-A heavy type conveyor bridge
※structural feature:
★This portion of the main frame with channel, beam, angle and so connected together.
★Both sides are equipped with safety barriers and security herringbone pedal operation plane is equipped with safety ladder, ensure staff safety and ease of operation.
★Independent frequency motor lift mechanism, PVC conveyor belt, single watt cardboard wavy rule stable。
★All roller surface after grinding hard chrome plating.
★Vacuum tension control, suction tube 5-inch, plus regulating valves, air flow infinitely adjustable.
★Electric correction device II sets shutter correction double guide column positioning, screw drive, fast and accurate positioning, walking steadily.
★Bridge over the auxiliary high-strength composite sheet, smooth, durable, low friction, reducing cardboard transport resistance.
※technical parameter :
1、working width:2500mm
2、operation direction: left or right(Determined in accordance with customer plant)
3、highest height:4700mm
4、working speed:250m/min
※roller diameter parameters:
1、upper paper roller and tensioning roller diameter: ¢130mm
2、Conveying roller diameter: ¢180mm
3、over paper roller and guide paper roller diameter:¢111mm
4、On paper towing shaft diameter:¢110mm
※Power motors and electrical parameters:
1、single facer corrugated paper lifting motor: 4KW (frequency ) 380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working standard
2、Bridge adsorption fan: 3KW 380V 50Hz Continuous (S1) working standard
3、adjust cardboard wide motor: 250W 380V 50Hz short(S2)working standard

※GM-30 double glue machine (heavy type)
※Structural features:
★after quenched of the glue roller surface,the hole machining, surface grinding and doing balancing engraved anilox pit type, coating evenly, less consumption of plastic
★glue roller turns is controlled by the frequency motor,by inverter control ensures glue roller line speed synchronous machine with double machine,they can operate independently。
★electric adjustment display the glue amount。Automatic cycle for glue, glue avoid sedimentation, viscosity stability。
★Pneumatic structure platen gap by electric tuning。On the next floor are made independent variable frequency motor drive。
★take the speed signal of the double facer,so as to synchronous operation with it. Man-machine interface display, easy operation
★amount of glue automatic adjustment control,amount of glue automatic adjustment with the produce speed, in automatic mode, you can also get in manual tuning.
※technical parameters:
1、MAX. effective width:2500mm
2、operation direction:left or right(Determined in accordance with the customer’s facility)
3、The highest design speed:250m/min
4、air source system:0.4—0.9Mpa
5、temperature range of the preheater:150—200℃
6、steam pressure:1.12—1.3Mpa

※Roller diameter parameters:
1、glue roller:¢320mm doctor roller:¢153mm
2、 upper preheat roller:¢402mm pass the paper roller:¢110mm
※Power motors and electrical parameters:
1、glue roller initiative frequency motor:3.7KW*2,380V,50Hz,Continuous (S1) working standard
2、Electrical adjusting glue pushrod:90W 24V short(S2)working system
3、Electrical pressure roller gap pushrod:90W 24V short(S2)working system
4、glue pump motor:2.2KW 380V 50Hz Continuous (S1)working system
※SM-E2 double facer
※Structural features:
★surface of hot plate is dealed with grinding, hot plate width600mm,in total 20 pieces hot plate,Minister cooling stereotypes 5m.
Hot plate is made adopt container board, enclosed pressure container certificate and inspection certificate。Internal thermal panels for partition isolation structure,s-shaped flow of steam, Steam, water separation function apparent,improve the using rate of steam.
★upper conveying belt adopt pneumatic correction.
★ piping thermal heating plate temperature control points four sections with temperature display.
★upper conveying belt adopt pneumatic correction.
★Drive roller coated with wear-resistant rubber attached, and with the high output ensure smooth cardboard。
★Gearbox drive unit using an independent structure, gear steel ZG-500 number for materials, the use of oil-immersed gear lubrication。
★Electrical components used internationally renowned brands, the device stable and reliable operation。
★Main drive motor for the motor frequency energy, low-speed torque, wide speed range, reliable, easy maintenance。
★The main backbone of high intensity profiles GB, solid structure, beautiful appearance, suitable for high speed working。

※technical parameters:
1、MAX effective width:2500mm
2、operation direction:left or right(determined in accordance with customer’s factory building)
3、MAX machinery speed:250m/min
4、temperature range:160—200℃ steam pressure:0.8-1.3Mpa
5、air source pressure: 0.6—0.9Mpa
6、quantity of heat plate:20 pieces Cooling stereotypes length:5m
※roller diameter parameters:
1、up drive rubber roller diameter:¢800mm bottom drive rubber roller diameter: ¢600mm outsourcing wear rubber
2、Former follower with roller diameter:¢215mm After setting the driven belt rollers diameter :¢215mm
3、pressure belt roller diameter: ¢70mm Shaping roller diameter:¢86mm
4、The up belt tension roller diameter:¢155mm up belt detuning roller diameter:¢130mm
5、lower belt tension roller diameter:¢155mm
Note: All the roller surface after grinding are hard chrome plated。
※power motor and electrical appliances parameters:
1、main drive motor power:75KW frequency motor,380V,50Hz,continuous(S1)working system
※NCBD thin blade slitter scorer
(Zero Pressure Line)
※Structural features:
★Synchronous servo motor control row of knives, cable. Automatic reset. Precise dimensions.change order time 3-8 seconds,the two machines can be achieved with no slow down immediately for a single memory of 999 order,non-stop automatic change order or manual change order can be realized.
★Schneider M258PLC control system, using CANopen line system, with order management capabilities, with the dryer speed synchronous signal input.
★HMI with 10.4-inch color touch screen, storage 999 orders, change orders automatically or manually for a single, fault alarm.
★Three kinds of pressure line forms:Convex against the concave(three layers line)、Convex against the concave(five layers line)、Convex against Flat,Three kinds of electric pressure line forms can be converted。Crimping round shades by computer control,linear, and easy to bend.
★Using thin tungsten alloy steel knife,sharp blade,long life of more than 8 million meters.
★knife sharpener for computer control,automatic or manual knife sharpener,Cutting edge sharpening can be divided,improve productivity Efficiency.
★Imported synchronous drive system, precision accurate, long life, low noise operation.
※Technical parameters:
1、 working width:2500mm
2、operation direction:left or right(Determined in accordance with customer plant)
3、the highest machinery speed:250m/min
4、Mechanical configuration:Zero pressure line thin blade slitter scorer seven knives twelve lines
5、The minimum width of the cutter:135mm The maximum width of the cutter:1850mm
6、The minimum distance between the indentation:0mm
7、Cutter wheel positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm
※Power motors and electrical parameters:
1、main drive motor power:37KW Full AC synchronous servo
2、Before and after feeding motor power:3KW(Frequency Control)
3、Oil pump motor power:0.18KW*2
※NC-30D Computer layer helical cross cutter
※structural feature:
★it can store 200 units orders,replace the cutter specifications quickly and accurately,changing orders without stop,And enables networked computers to facilitate production management.
★Knife shaft drive gears are precision forged steel induction hardening, backlash-free transmission, advanced keyless connection, high transmission accuracy。
★Cutting machine adopts inlaid front steel blade knife spiral structure, serrated knife. scissors, shears, shear force, long blade life。
★around feed rollers are used the sun gear platen way, smooth delivery, pressure evenly, easy to crush plate board or cause blockage。
★This model is the braking energy storage (non-dynamic braking), so the energy consumption in the production process, the average electricity consumption is 1/3 of an ordinary NC cutting machine, saving more than 70% power to reach the goal of saving money .
★Precision adjustable no gap gear to ensure precise blade engagement, running balance。
★Using an independent oil pump and filter with two copper distribution in each gear position oil, lubrication and cooling。
★Knife roller: fine quality forged steel material, the balanced, with good stability.
※technical parameters:
1、 working width:2500mm
2、operation direction:left or right(determined to the customer’s factory)
3、highest machinery speed:250m/min
4、Mechanical configuration:computer-control helical cross cutter
5、Minimum cutting length:500mm
6、Maximum cutting length:9999mm
7、Precision of cutting paper:uniform ±1mm,non-uniform±2mm
※Roller diameter parameters:
1、Cross on the knife shaft center distance:¢216mm
2、Before the lower conveying roller diameter ¢156mm
3、After the lower conveying roller diameter: ¢156mm
4、The front of the platen roller diameter: ¢70mm
5、The front of the platen roller diameter: ¢70mm
Note: After all have been grinding rollers, hard chrome plated at (on except under the knife shaft) dealing。
※Power motors and electrical parameters::
1、main drive motor power:37KW Full AC synchronous servo
2、Before and after feeding motor power:4KW(Frequency Control)
3、Oil pump motor power:0.25KW
※ NC-DL automatic large down stacking


※Structural features:
★Five sections using high-strength belt conveyor,Frequency loop control,Precision Auto Points,smooth delivery,rapid separation and delivered to the Ministry of basket gantry。
★sun gear press paper does not do damage to the cardboard.carbon fiber press paper is extremely resistant .
★Block car with the order structure,automatic adjustment,
★Ministry basket outfeed nylon plastic caterpillar output, does not damage the backing paper。
★Elevator servo control gondola lift,rational counterweight structure,optimal energy efficiency,After the basket outfeed,Transfers power from the platform to the next step of the crawler。

※ZQ steam system

CANGHAI ZQ-steam-system








※Structural features:
★Production line for hot heating energy delivery device to maintain a stable operating temperature.
★All units are designed to be independent small unit for the steam system, segmented temperature control, energy saving, easy to adjust.
★By adjusting the steam pressure monitor dial to exercise control over the operating temperature, and a pressure.
★Each group has a hydrophobic unit emptying bypass, when rapid shutdown cooling equipment.
★Float trap 1/2 metal hose and connect the bypass valve, plug valve injection.
★Between the piping system and the rotary heating member in order to achieve a flexible metal hose connection, to extend the service life of the rotary joint.
★All steam pipes are made of seamless steel tubes, to ensure safety for use under normal pressure.
※technical parameters:
1、steam consumption:about1.5-2T/h
2、Equipped with boiler:4t/h
3、Equipped with boiler pressure:1.25Mpa Pipe temperature:170—200℃

※High-speed automatic splicers






※structural feature:
★The maximum diameter of the applicable paper:1500mm。
★Paper planes with automatic tension control, high-speed bin, high success rate。
★No tail paper receiving, reducing paper consumption (only partially overlapping paper tape with a width of 40mm).
★when paper car take out, the automatic turn out, and the vacuum adsorption, easy paper loading, automatic tension control paper receiving zero turnovers.
★All PLC automatic control, accurate, less failure, easy maintenance.
★The first round of the buffer when you pull the paper, automatic alignment, easy to pull paper.
★Machine superiority cylinder control speed splicers paper receiving moment does not appear normal motor control of rubble, blistering。
★paper receiving highest speed of 200 m / min.
※regular technical parameters:
1、effective width:2500mm
2、operation direction:left or right(determined in accordance with customer plant)
3、the highest speed:20m/min
4、working speed:0-200m/min
6、single machine weight:max 2300Kg

※ZJZ Automatic glue station system






※structural feature:
★The system does not use the system stabilizer paste, paste and liquid infiltration and paste liquid stable, long-term storage is not hierarchical。
★The whole system was controlled by setting the program, and the control system software is the company’s own design and development according to the actual needs of each carton factory, stable and reliable.
★All material is added through the program settings, complete PLC control, measurement precision。
★The system is equipped with temperature sensors and temperature display and control temperature glue to ensure that the starch molecules are more soluble in water, while avoiding the quality of the glue and have a greater impact by ambient temperature changes.
★The device has an automatic wash tank program, after each delivery finished glue, self-cleaning tank。
★Each point with plastic tank level sensor to monitor the implementation level, low level PLC automatically selected, depending on the recipe paste glue points。
★Shearing, mixing time is set by the program controlled by the PLC.
★After the caustic soda into caustic soda, stored in a tank in lye; lye tank level transit level controlled by the PLC, when it reaches the lower limit set by the lye tank pump automatic replenishment.
★When the starch material level down to the tank level sensor, the system automatically alarm and vibration add materials to add material.
★Sent glue by pneumatic diaphragm to glue storage tank automatically, controlled by the PLC control.
※technical parameters:
1、steam pressure 8-10kgf/m2。
2、Water pressure 5-6kgf/m2。
3、Compressed air pressure 4-7 kgf/m2。
4、The maximum consumption of compressed air 105m3/h。
5、Total power 32KW。
6、Viscosity Changes within ± 2s.
7、Pasting temperature Changes within ± 1 ℃.
8、 Glue time:30min above
9、The maximum amount of each glue 1650 kg, the minimum amount of glue 750kg

※Bridge correction machine control system







★ Non-contact detection corrugated
★High precision correction paper
★It does not require any adjustment when the width of the paper changes
★Closed-loop control, continuous operation
★Full size infrared LED detection, long life
★At the same time the center and edges of the base correction
Tension Control System
1.bridge tension control system to ensure that there is a single corrugated paper steady tension.
2.tension control manually controlled by the regulator.
3.with auxiliary threading motor. In the new paper, when customer assistance
4.with the paper through the switch. Joints over time cut the tension
※Tension Control System

CANGHAI Tension-Control-System






1.bridge tension control system to ensure that there is a single corrugated paper steady tension.
2.tension control manually controlled by the regulator.
3.with auxiliary threading motor. In the new paper, when customer assistance.
4.with the paper through the switch. Joints over time cut the tension.


CANGHAI fully automatic corrugated cardboard carton production line



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