How to make carton box Ⅱ : How to choose a factory


How to make carton box Ⅱ : How to choose a factory

Before saying the choice of the factory, let me explain one point. Which kind of carton is not contradictory to the choice of the factory building, can be carried out simultaneously. But yin and yang feng shui, how to ask for the public and the gods, do not have to ask me, because I do not understand. Which type of carton is used mainly depends on where its core resources are. When choosing a plant, pay attention to the following points:

1. Generally speaking, it is reasonable to radiate within the range of 50-100 km, which is convenient for transportation and service. After all, the current road conditions are still very good. Doing this in Taobao can ignore this, the courier company will help you solve it.

2. The area of ​​the factory: For the carton factory that entered the industry for the first time, the monthly turnover of 300,000 to 1 million yuan is basically the first stage. The corresponding plant area is 800-2000 square meters. Is it appropriate? Why?
If you are too small, if you take care of your warehouse, the raw materials and finished products will be more space-consuming. It is a waste of a lot of rent at the conference. After all, the cash flow from the carton factory is the biggest investment. (Local tyrants can ignore, the factory is large, and the style is also one aspect of strength in China)

3. The shape of the plant: preferably rectangular. why? This is determined by the process of the industry. From the beginning of the corrugated board to the finished product shipment, the best way is to pour the beans into the bamboo tube, which is the smoothest. Carton factories generally do not have special warehouses to stack finished products.

The square is almost a bit, which is not conducive to the placement of the machine and the arrangement of the process. Do not consider other shapes without consideration.

The rectangular factory building preferably has two doors, one for the raw materials and one for shipping, and does not interfere with each other. It would be too convenient if both front doors could be made into a dock. Of course, many trucks are now equipped with hydraulic tail plates.

The factory building is best on the first floor. It can be as high as possible, which is conducive to ventilation. In the rainy season, the air is too humid, which will affect the hardness of the cardboard and finished products, and the employees will not be too depressed.

It is best not to have columns in the factory, which is still in the way.

4. Power distribution and water. From the transformer into the plant requires a total air leakage switch, the ground wire is very important, the current machine uses a lot of electronic components, but most afraid of lightning strikes. The new factory does not recommend the use of a separate transformer, can not use so much power, there are independent transformers, if you can not use so much electricity, the monthly electrical loss is a small expense.

Regarding power distribution, if you start with millions or even millions of production values, you will not discuss it here. You can talk privately if you need it.

The carton printing uses soluble ink. It needs to connect the water to the workshop and lead it to the side of the printing machine to facilitate the washing and color change.

5. Fire fighting. It seems that it is necessary to install a fire sprinkler system for the factory building of 1000 square meters. This depends on the local regulations. However, when renting a factory, you can ask the landlord to do a good job. Otherwise, it is not a small expense. The fire extinguisher will be bought according to the regulations, and it is needed from time to time.

The precautions of the factory building are basically the five points mentioned above. Others I did not say, I think you can communicate with me, thank you first.

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