How to make carton box Ⅴ : Application of different flute

Last time I talked about the types of corrugated paper and the commonly used pit shape, let’s talk about the topic before saying the purpose.

The earliest impression of paper in people’s minds is that it is very soft, easy to get wet, easy to tear, and not safe. Many items that are heavy, large in shape, and high in value will not be packaged with paper. With the advent of corrugated paper and the development of so many years, the current carton can not only bear a few tons of weight, but also waterproof and moisture-proof.

Making cardboard boxes is not only a simple way to make cardboard boxes into customers’ hands. If you know the performance and use of corrugated paper and various pit patterns, give customers reasonable advice from a professional perspective, help customers reduce costs and make full use of warehousing. Space, easy to transport goods, this sense of trust can not be replaced by any words and business skills.

First, let’s talk about the characteristics of A, B, C, and E (pit) flute for outer packaging.

1. Type A flute

The type A is characterized by a small number of corrugations in the standard length but the highest corrugated. The corrugated box made of type A is suitable for lighter packaging, has a larger cushioning capacity, and is more resistant to the front and side pressures. .

2. Type B flute

The B-type flute is exactly the opposite of the A-type flute. The standard length has a large number of corrugated and the lowest corrugated, and its performance is also opposite to that of the A-type ,. The carton made of the B-type flute hard and hard to break is suitable for heavy and hard packaging. Items, used to compare the packaging of products such as fragile bottled items,but are not suitable for stacking too high.

3.C type Flute

The number of corrugations and the height of the C-type crucible in the standard length are between the A-type and the B-type crucible, and the performance is close to the A-type crucible. In recent years, with the increase in storage and transportation costs, the smaller size C-type flute has been loved by people.

4.E type Flute

Commonly used in inner and small packaging E type flute Compared with A, B, C type corrugated for outer packaging, it has the highest pressure resistance, thinner and harder. The main purpose of using E type flute is to make it A foldable carton to increase cushioning.

The carton made of E-shaped enamel has a beautiful appearance, a smooth surface, and can be used for more complicated printing, and is usually used in decorative product packaging.

Understand the use and function of these shapes, and there are different combinations in the three, five, and seven layers of corrugated cardboard, and the performance becomes rich and diverse.

When you get the customer’s sample or face the customer’s inquiry, you can roughly judge the customer’s demand for the carton packaging, give a reasonable plan, far more destructive than the price war, and the customer’s loyalty. It will be even higher.

The traditional business purpose is to treat customers as gods, but God is too high, not necessarily to see you, more to meet God’s many believers, more choices, if you turn customers into fans, then Any external force can’t move, and cooperation will last. The same supplier, if the value you bring to the customer is far greater than the product you provide, the business is not difficult to do, I am also trying to move forward in this direction.

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