CANGHAI SF280-1600APK Cassette Type Single Facer Machine

CANGHAI SF280-1600APK Cassette Type Single Facer Machine

►Structure and Features:
1. Quick change rolls in 15mins, while replacing the corrugated rolls, the whole complete set of additional rolls with cassette is delivered into the machine by the carriage and matched the hydraulic motor to be fixed on the base of the machine by hydraulic system. Quickly and easily complete the corrugated roller replacement.
2. Corrugated roller are made of 48CrMo high quality alloy steel, with heated treatment.
3. The corrugating rolls, pressure roll and glue roll are adopted with high stability of the airbag control system, also with pneumatic control buffer effect.
4. Adopt glue width motorized dividing to match the paper width. Idle running motor for glue applicator roll to avoid glue dry. Adjustment for gap between glue roll and doctor roll.
5. The moveable type glue unit is convenient to clean and maintain.
6. Easy operation control system. Touch screen with colorful drawing display operation state, easy and simple to handle.
7. Bulit-in pre-conditioner with production spraying device for the medium moisture and temperature adjustment.
8. Bearing for corrugated rollers, and pressure roller adopt high-temperature lubricate grease to keep running smoothly and durably.
►Technical parameters:
1、Working width:1600mm
2、Operation side:left or right(depends on customer’s factory)
3、Design speed:100m/min
4、Working Speed :40-80m/min
5、Temperature Control:160—200℃
7、Steam pressure:0.8—1.3Mpa
8、Corrugated type(UV )
►Roller diameter:

No. Name parameter
1 Upper Corrugated Roller ¢280mm
2 Pressure Roller ¢285m
3 Gluing Roller ¢215mm
4 Pre-heater Roller ¢320mm

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