WORLDWIDE Single Facer Machine for Corrugated cardboard

Single Facer Machine for Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Structure characteristic

  • * Apply the vacuum adsorption leading paper, equipped with high pressure powerful fan. Equipped with air conditioning machine air suction censored device; The electrical control on the same electricity ark distance the host machine will not less than 1.5 meters, operating side closed side cover.
  • *Wallboard cast iron structurethe thickness is 70mm
  • *Corrugated roller adopts 48 CrMo high quality alloy steel, the coating, quenching, surface polishing, corrugated roller diameter Ø270mm, surface hardness is HRC56-60 degrees; Corrugated roller adopt cylinder pressure.
  • * Pressure roller diameter Ø270mm, surface treatment processing and kill chromium plating; Cylinder and displacement control, material of 45, modulation handle medium-carbon steel.
  • *Preheat roll Ø270 mm in diameter, surface processing and hard chromium plating) processing, all metal hose connection with.
  • * Corrugated roller and pressure roller bearings use high temperature resistant bearing grease lubrication.
  • * High 0.10 mm corrugated roller unilateral, pressure roller high 0.075 mm unilateral. Add spacing device, pressure cylinder for Ø160 mm cylinder.
  • * Chain drive

  Technical parameters:

  • working width:2200mm.
  • design speed 60m/min.
  1. Operation direction: left or right mobile phone (should be based on the customer plant sure).
  2. 0.4—0.9Mpa。Source: 0.4-0.9 Mpa.
  3. Corrugated stare blankly type: (UV type) : according to the customers need. Every 300 mm(  )flutes

  Roller diameter of parameters

  • the diameter of the corrugated roller:Ø270 mm。
  1. pressure roller:Ø270 mm。
  • glue roller:Ø215 mm。
  • pre-heater roller:Ø270 mm。

  Motor parameters

① main motor:4.0KW      380V    50HZ

② blow motor:7.5KW    380V    50HZ

If with Electric heating, the machine take 18 units heat pipe 。

Other requests the regular production factory

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