CANGHAI Chain Feeder Two Color Printing Slotting Machine

CANGHAI Chain Feeder Two Color Printing Slotting Machine

Features: adopts chain-paper feeding.
2.adopting QT400 Ductile iron gear driving
3.rockery interval adjustment device avoids central deviation of upper and lower knife rolls led by conventional adjustment,thus ensure balance operation rolls and clear print without double shadow. cycling ink-feed system ,roller lifted pneumatic and separate rotating.
5.all the axles of roller must be chrome –plating in order to increase the hardness
6.printing and grooving electric phase adjusting mechanism adopt planet type gear structure (it can be adjusted 360 degree while revolving and stopping)
7.electrically separation and pneumatic locking
8.module design ,any combination of multicolor printing unit count device to show right production volume.

Printing unit

1.High precision dynamic balance reticulate roller,fine printing effect.
2.The print phase is controlled by computer and electric digit with 360 degree adjustment.
3.The print phase roller could be adjusted horizontally with computer and electric digit control ranging from +10mm to -10mm
4.The interval of transmission roller,paper press roller,and glue roller adopt the self-lock structure.
5.Brush plate reset,printing ink inspection,fission brake location and water ink clean mechanism.
6.Has rapid handing plate mechanism.

Slotting unit

1.slotting knives set can horizontal movement ,precision gear with smooth bar which plated with rigid chrome and ground surface ,movement flexible and accurate orientation of upper and lower cutting.
2.the phase of slotting adjust by electric digital 360°,slot height by manual.
3.The press line wheel and slotting knives movement in a joint ,control by manual.
4.The slotting and press line interval adjustment adopt the self-lock structure.


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