CANGHAI Partition Assembly Machine

CANGHAI Partition Assembly Machine


This machine has beautiful appearance and compact structure. Adopting electric control switch, pneumatic locking, PLC control and man-machine interface. This machine is easy to operate, stable running and high production efficiency , used in beverage, wine, fruit, medicine and electronic products etc. clapboard assembler packaging . It is the ideal equipment of each carton industry.

2.Structure Features

  • Suitable for the auto insertion of all kinds of carton clapboard.
  • Vertical vacuum adsorption feeding, landscape orientation using servo feeding, quick and accurate .
  • Longitudinal and transverse to cross the two pieces of paper at the same time
  • Longitudinal feeding shaft adopts electric lifting .
  • Landscape orientation feeding worktable lifting adopts electric adjustment .
  • Electric adjust the clapboard height in landscape orientation .
  • Output in double work positions, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • Touch screen input control, electric to adjust the clapboard parameters .
  • Comprehensive using of pneumatic and electric control, to ensure  the advancement of machine control .
  • Using compressed air storage tanks for gas centralized supply, gas supply pressure is stable, enough gas source. The gas devices get the gas from the primary tracheal, independent control, no influence each other.
  • Equipped with fault detection device, auto stop the machine when paper blocking .

3. Product Parameter

Power supply 380V/50Hz 3 phases – 4 lines
Power 10 KW Not including the air compressor
Host belt speed 15-30 m/min
Clapboard combining form 3*(1~N)  double working station
Longitudinal clapboard feeding track number 6
Horizontal clapboard feeding track number 1~7
Clapboard size Length  L=120~500mm 1.5~7mm
Height  H=75-300mm
Width  W=120~450mm

(double station)

Width  W=120~600mm

(single station)

Lattice spacing  C=50~150mm
Lattice spacing D=40~150mm
Working speed 30~50 groups / min Working speed is connected with clapboard size and clapboard combining form .
Machine weight 3000KG
imension  Length * Width * Height :5500*2200*2000 mm
Note : 1. when the width of clapboard is greater than 450mm , the machine just can work in single station .

2. Air compressor or air compression station requirement : 6kgf/cm2 .

3. For the special type of clapboard , we can customize the machine as client’s wish .

I  Machine Operation

1.Connect the power supply and air supply


  • Connect the power supply : in the electric control cabinet which is in the left side of machine , below the main panel (like picture 1) , connect the power supply lines to the left bottom position of electric cabinet (showing in the picture 1 and picture 2) , this machine don’t need to contact the zero line , just connect the three phase power supply lines.
  • Connect the air supply : in the electric control cabinet which in the right of machine (showing in the picture 3) , connect the air source pipe to the three-way cock in the left bottom (like picture 4) , the red line in picture 4 is the an external air source supply pipe .

2.Choose the feeding paperboard

Choose the suitable cardboard which will insert into each other . First the slot of cardboard should have the scissors cut , second , there are two types of cardboard , one is lateral insert , one is lengthways insert . Like below picture . Generally , put the cardboard with less number of slot and smaller length on the front and upper layer feeding table , put the cardboard with more number of slot and bigger length on the back lower layer feeding table . Like below picture , put the No.1 cardboard to the back lower layer feeder , put the No.2 cardboard to the front upper lower feeder , and should put the cardboard on the center position .

Start the machine , open the touching screen , measure the size of cardboard which be put to the back lower layer feeder , then input the date to the touching screen .

The picture 5 is the start-up interface of screen , can choose the Chinese or English according to needs .

Measure the length of No.1 cardboard , input to the “length of field plate” , because there are 3 slots in No.1 cardboard , so input “3” in the “Set the number of” .


Click the “Parameter interface” button which is circled in the right side of picture 6 , enter the interface showing in picture 8 . Like the picture 9 showing , the cardboard is divided into 4 sections by 3 slot , because the cardboard will be feed from back to front , so the No.1 section will be the first one to arrive the front feeder and insert . So according to the turns in picture 9 , measure the length of each section “1” , “2”, “3”, “4” , then input the interface of picture 8 . The other parameters in this page has been set before loading , don’t change .

Note : when measure the length of every section , for example the No.1 section , should measure the length from cardboard side to the center of slot , then make add the lengths of four sections together , will be equal the total length of cardboard .

Note : in picture 8, set the “speed” which is circled in square shape, when the each section length is small, can set the “speed” smaller , when the each section length is big , can set the “speed” a little bigger , so that can avoid the error .

In picture 8 , click the “next page” button , will enter the interface showing in below , all the parameters in this interface don’t need to adjust, they are already set in factory before loading .

Adjust the baffle position according to the thickness of cardboard , means adjust the falling clearance of cardboard , like picture 10 showing, loose the screws in both sides of machine which be circled , through adjusting the handle in square shape , to adjust the baffle position , better to make the falling clearance is 1.5 times bigger of cardboard thickness . If two big will falling two pieces in one time , if too small , not good for cardboard falling .


Adjust the clearance between feeding rollers : loose the screw of which is in circle of picture 11, rotate the handle which is in square shape of picture 11 to adjust the clearance between two feeding rollers . The feeding clearance should be adjusted a little small , through the extrusion force between two rollers , make the cardboard falling more smooth and accurate . After adjustment ,

The position adjustment of pushing plate(back kicker) : in the above of upper layer feeder table , there is a pushing plate to push the cardboard falling to plug . According to the height of cardboard , to adjust the pushing plate position , shorter the pushing travel , make the falling speed faster . Like below picture showing , make the distance between the bottom position of stainless steel plate and the cardboard 2-3mm , then the pushing plate will be push the cardboard falling to plug from this position .


Note : when the height of cardboard is too big or too small , like showing in picture 12 , the pushing plate has a bottom travel limit . when the pushing plate arrive the bottom limit, and the distance between pushing plate and cardboard isn’t suitable for the above requirements , can choose the “upper-rising/loading” button which is on the main button panel and below the touching screen , make the whole upper layer feeder table structure up and down to the suitable position .

The adjustment of back lower layer feeding table : there are 6 feeding table in our company machine

According to the number of longitudinal plug cardboard , choose the same quantity feeding table , and put the cardboard in . Note : need to put the cardboard in the center of each feeding table , and use the idler wheel in the back to press the cardboard , like the picture 13. Then according to the width of cardboard to adjust the left and right baffles , loose the hand shank in the outside of baffle (like picture 14), move to the suitable position and then tight it .

On the front of each feeding table , there are two small baffles in the left and right , showing in below picture , to prevent cardboard falling . Can loose the screw in below picture 15, move to adjust , then tight them . Just let it prevent the cardboard falling , not shielding too much , or will affect the feeding .

Adjust the sucking disc : like below picture showing , loose the screw of each sucking disc , move up and down , make the sucking disc in the vertical center of cardboard , good for smooth feeding of cardboard . If the cardboard is too high , can make the four sucking discs , two disc in the top , two disc in the below . Below the suction disc, there are paper guide plates in both sides , can make the paper fall down to the corresponding track , not shifted .

Note : the sucking disc must be adsorbed on the cardboard , can’t be adsorbed on the slot .


Adjust the falling track of longitudinal cardboard : likesame as lower layer feeder , there are 6 falling track below the feeder , like picture 16 showing , move the track to the place below the corresponding feeding table, make the cardboard can fall to the track smoothly when sucking disc adsorb the cardboard . Also can rotate the hand wheel of each feeding table in picture 17 , to adjust the position of feeding table , make the cardboard fall to the corresponding track smoothly .

When confirm the falling track , like picture 18 , make the front of chosen track aligned with the cardboard slotting position which is in the upper layer feeding table , in picture 18, there are one rocking handle and three screw rods in each side of machine, one rod corresponding one track, total 6 tracks , using the rocking handle to adjust the track to the corresponding position. Then do the last step , adjust the tail of track , make it align with the front , then move the back lower layer feeder to the corresponding position , make the cardboard can fall to the track smoothly .

  1. start the machine and make the fine-tuning .

First put the cardboard on the chosen back lower layer feeder , there is a air switch in each two relative  feeding table , like picture 19 showing . Better to debug one pair at a time , rotate the air switch of one pair of corresponding feeding table which will be debugged , here make the first group as an example . (means the first pair in the middle of machine)

Then in the touching screen , click “HAND” (in picture 6) button , enter the below interface (showing in picture 20) , first click the “hand” button , make the machine be adjusted in manual condition, the “1”,”2”,”3” which are circled in picture , control the 3 pairs of feeding tables (total 6 feeding tables) , click “exhaust 1” and “move 1”, make the buttons which control the other two pairs of feeding tables in “stop” condition , so when run the machine , only the first group feeding table can feed cardboard normally .

Note : in the bottom of picture 20, there is “pause” mode , this is the switch button of “pause mode” and “continuous mode”, both of the two modes can be used in normal working , but 90% customers always use the “pause mode” , make the plug more accurate . when cut the running mode, need to press the “urgent stop” button , and then rotate the button to make the button up , then start the machine , the machine will run in the current mode .

Try to feed one piece of cardboard , check if the cardboard can fall to the corresponding track smoothly , if not , adjust the position of feeding table and make it corresponds to the falling track . Then check if the cardboard fall on the belt , because between the adjacent two feeding table , there is a stainless steel crossbeam on the belt to separate them . If the cardboard fall on the stainless steel crossbeam , adjust the inductive switch position below the feeding table according to the cardboard falling position , like picture 21 showing, loose the screw and move the inductive switch, until the cardboard can completely fall one the belt .

When the cardboard is delivered to the place below the upper layer feeding table, because when the cardboard arrive the insert position, will stop for a second, so when cardboard stop, if the slot of cardboard didn’t in the middle of two rollers (because the upper layer cardboard will fall in the middle of two rollers), showing in picture 22, then adjust the inductive switch position which be circled in picture, until the cardboard in the middle of two rollers when plug. Note: when observe, the machine must be in running condition.

Then rotate the upper feeding roller manually , feed one piece of cardboard fall to lower position . If the slots of upper and lower cardboard are not in one perpendicular line , like picture 23 , repeat the step (5) of 5 (like picture 18) and step (4) of 6 (like picture 22), until the plug position of upper and lower cardboard are in the corresponding slot position .


Then repeat the above step , individual adjust the other two pairs of back feeding tables , after adjusting all the feeding tables which will be needed , open all the needed feeding tables at the same time (like picture 24), to debug and test run for the whole machine , if there is anything not suitable , readjust the machine . After finishing debugging , doing the large quantity production .

Note : there are the “urgent stop” and “pause” buttons on both of the main panel and secondary panel in the  two sides of machine , when machine in running , if occur the situation which is not very serious except the personal safety , need to stop the machine urgently , just click the “pause” button is okay . After remove the fault , start the machine , can make the normal production directly . If click the “urgent stop” switch , when restart the machine , the machine will empty run two groups of cardboard without plug ,then the machine will do the normal work automatically , don’t need to adjust again .

When the adjustment is finished , to do the large quantity production , can adjust the “upper-governor” knob on the front button panel , according to the cardboard quality , like picture 25 showing . this knob is to adjust the revolving speed of two feeding rollers , generally the revolving speed of feeding rollers is 1300 revolutions per minute , if rotate in this high speed long time , will make some wear for the feeding rollers and bearings. So if the cardboard quality is good , can finish the plug orders without high speed revolutions, can rotate this knob to make speed smaller, to prolong the service lift of feeding rollers and bearings.

VII.  Machine Maintenance

Regular check the bearings, spring and screw etc. all the parts with screw thread of machine , regular clean and add the oil. The other connection parts , need to add the engine oil every half a year .

Before start the machine , check if there is the impurity inside , if there is some parts worn or broken , after checking and no abnormity , then start the machine . The machine should keep clean and tidy in long time .

VIII. Machine Warranty & After-sale Service

This machine has one year warranty for whole structure , not including the knives , rubber roller etc. easy-wear parts . In warranty period , except the easy-wear parts and the damage which is caused by wrong operation , if there is the problem with electric elements , gears , bearing etc. structure parts , we will provide the replaced parts for free .

Beyond the warranty period, if there is parts damaged or broken, we will get paid to provide the replaced part.

For all the operation , maintenance etc. problems in production , our company will provide the technical solution and help to our customer for free .

  1.  Easy-wear part List
序号No. Easy-wear Part
1 Front insert plate
2 Solenoid valve
3 Belt of feeding roller
4 Conversion air/water value
5 Suction disc
6 Knob/button switch



corrugated automatic partition machine

corrugated partition machine


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