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Best-Selling Creasing And Die Cutting Machine - Printing Slotting Die-Cutting Machine – Canghai

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Best-Selling Creasing And Die Cutting Machine - Printing Slotting Die-Cutting Machine – Canghai Detail:




Max.machine speed(Roller Feeder (Pcs/min)


Common spending max.


Max. paper skip feeding size (mm)


Min. paper feeding size (mm)


Max. printing area (mm)


Printing plate thickness (mm)


Machine wall thickness


Printing accuracy(mm)


Slotting accuracy(mm)


Print roller diameter(mm)


Slot knives width (mm)


Die cutting accuracy(mm)


ZYKM Machine Performance

●The electric parts is from panasonic

●This machine is made in line with European concepts featuring reliable functions and safety, and CE certification issued;

●Automatic control system

●Full computer control system storages production orders on the slot unit,make the order more easy and fast order change and simple operation;

●All transmission rollers are made of top quality steel processed through dynamic/static balance tests, chrome plating and polishing;

●Very good transmission gears are adopted which are hardened and ground, >60o Rockwell hardness;

●Japanese bearings are employed and Harbin bearing NO.1 in china.

●The major electric control elements are purchased from famous suppliers such as Schneider France

●Printer is equipped with imported ceramic anilox cylinder.

●Vacuum suction case adopts advanced techniqueThe vacuum auxiliary feeding is assisted by 7.5kw high pressure centrifugal fan, whose air volume is set with frequency inverter to make the feeding stable and smooth, even the thin and warp blanks can be conveyed successfully. In printing, damper can be set in line with blanks of different sizes to ensure sufficient air volume for the registration;

● Unit side panels are made of quality steel

● Spray lacquer: Before paint spray, components shall be through derusting – posphating – spray lacquer – stoving varnish to let its surface functions in derusting, hardness and durability;

● Hot air and IR dryer can be furnished to quicken drying to realize full page DPI printing on coated blanks;

● Every unit of overall machine can be released automatically or separately, electric shifting and pneumatic locking with acoustic alarm in traveling secure operators safety, and the auto brake is able to remain machine without running;

● Emergent protection: Emergency switch is installed inside every unit to let operator stop the unit running inside machine for more security;

● A large digital screen installed under the machine cable channel displays machine printing speed (sheet/min) to facilitate operator watch machine speed in different positions; (This machine not with,but can add it )

● The machine with transmission gear box installed to show oil level connector

● A central duster is installed.

Very good gears


1. An electric bell is attached to the clutch of the electric control machine, and a continuous bell alarm will be given during travel to ensure the safety of the operator.

2. The transmission shaft is equipped with a friction clutch to avoid malfunctions and damage to the machine.

3. The main motor starts with frequency conversion, and energy saving is increased by about 30%.
4 The main screen is a PLC color touch screen, which displays the phase setting of the printing and die cutting section, and can set and display the production quantity to the single alarm.

5. Adopting high-speed suction leading edge paper feeding system, the paper feeding is accurate and smooth.

6. Vacuum suction paper feeding, overcoming the different degree of bending of the cardboard, to ensure smooth paper feeding.

7. Electric adjustment of the side baffle, manual linkage adjustment of the front baffle clearance, and electric adjustment of the position of the rear baffle.

8. Alternate sheet feeding device (continuous or alternate sheet feeding can be selected as required).

9. The planned production quantity can be set. When the plan is completed, the system automatically instructs to stop the paper feed and issue a warning signal.

10. Equipped with high-quality brushes and a dust suction device, which can remove impurities on the printed surface of the cardboard and improve the printing quality.

11. The seamless steel tube on the paper feed roller is wrapped with wear-resistant rubber, and is balanced and corrected. The high-quality wear-resistant rubber improves the compressive strength of the cardboard and reduces damage to the corrugated cardboard.
12. The seamless steel tube of the lower paper feed roller is processed by the appearance embossing process, and the balance is corrected to improve the friction and ensure the accuracy of paper feed.

13.The gap between the paper feed rollers is adjusted quickly and manually, the adjustment range is 3-12mm, and the cross slider mechanism is adopted. During the adjustment, the transmission gear ensures the correct meshing state.

B.Printing unit


 1. Printing roller
 ① The outer diameter of the printing roller (400mm).
 ②The material of the seamless steel tube of the printing roller is finely ground and hard chrome plated.
 ③Balance correction, stable operation.
 ④ Promise ratchet fixed rolling plate shaft, full hanging type groove hanging plate. It saves board hanging time and improves work efficiency.
⑤ Hanging board groove, suitable for 10mm hanging slats.
⑥ When loading and unloading the printing plate, the electric control of the foot switch is positive and negative.
⑦Phase adjustment: The printing roller is equipped with an automatic zero-reset device. The main screen PLC multi-function touch control is used. Click to enter the plate roller phase adjustment interface. It has functions such as zero return (optional).

2. Pressure roller
① High-quality seamless steel tube, made by deep hole boring machine, hardened and chrome plated on the outer circle.
②The stamping stick adopts high-frequency hot-packing and double-disk welding.
③ Balance correction, remove centrifugal force and run smoothly.
④The gap between the platen roller is adjusted quickly and manually, the adjustment range is 3-12mm, and it is connected by a cross slider. When adjusting, the transmission gear is engaged with the correct position.

3.Anilox roller
①High-quality anilox roller, 200-300 lines / inch can be selected.
② The dots are consistent and the ink is evenly distributed.
③ The gap of the anilox roller is adjusted quickly and manually, the adjustment range is 1-8mm, and it is connected by a cross slider. When adjusting, the transmission gear ensures that the correct position is engaged.
④ Pneumatically lift the anilox roller to reduce the drying of ink in the anilox cavity when the printing plate is repeatedly inked and stopped for a short time.

4. Rubber roller
① The surface of the rubber roller steel roll is coated with excellent wear-resistant rubber, and the surface of the rubber roller is medium to high, which can compensate for the deformation of the force and improve the ink transfer effect.
② Equipped with automatic ink leveling device, which can realize the function of stopping ink without stopping.
5. Paper feeding upper and lower rollers
①The upper roller is equipped with two paper feed wheels. Seamless steel tube, deep hole boring of inner diameter, hard chrome of outer circle precision, high frequency hot fitting, double disc welding.
②The lower roller is seamless steel tube, boring with deep hole in inner diameter, hard chromium outer circle, high-frequency hot fitting, double-disc welding.
③ The gap between the paper feed rollers is adjusted quickly and manually, the adjustment range is 3-12mm, and the cross slider is used to connect. During the adjustment, the transmission gear ensures that the correct position is engaged.

6. Ink system
①Pneumatic diaphragm pump is used for ink supply, stable ink supply, simple operation and maintenance.
②Ink storage cup to prevent ink splash and exhaust.
③Stainless steel ink fountain, automatic cycle cleaning and inking.

Slotter unit


1. Single-axis double-knife slotting, multi-axis design, pre-pressing and real-pressure split-axis forming, box height electric adjustment, PLC touch screen data input.
①Pre-pressure wheel, grinding process, hard chrome plated surface, arc-shaped design, the first damage to corrugated cardboard.
②The crimping wheel is designed with arc-shaped convex flat pressing. The pre-pressed cardboard is well formed and not easy to break.
③The adjustment gap of the pressure line and pre-pressure wheel adopts a self-locking structure, which is quickly adjusted manually, and the adjustment range is 0-11mm.

2. The traverse adjustment mechanism of the slotted knife seat adopts a screw rod and a linear guide rail to make the movement more flexible and accurate.
①The slotted knife shaft is tempered by intermediate frequency, grinded, and the surface is hard chrome plated.
②The width of the slotting knife is 7mm.
③ Equipped with slotted middle knife movement.
④Gap adjustment of slotted knife seat adopts manual quick self-locking structure.

3. The upper knife holder and the lower knife holder adopt transmission linkage, and keep the upper and lower knife aligned when moving to prolong the life of the knife.

4. The traverse position of the pre-pressing wheel, crimping wheel and slotting knife seat is controlled by computer and electric digital.

5. With order memory storage function, can store 999 orders.

6. Coordinated adjustment of electric phase and comprehensive adjustment of phase with printing department.

7. Angle cutter structure, adjustable blade height, easy and fast operation.

8. Slotted phase adjustment mechanism.
①Planetary gear structure.
② Slotting phase and box height, computer and electric digital

Die cutter unit


①The crimping wheel axle is made of seamless steel tube, after two grinding processes, the surface is plated with hard chrome, and the movement is stable.

②The gap of the crimping wheel is adjusted quickly and manually, the adjustment range is 3-12mm, and it is connected by a cross slider. When adjusting, the transmission gear is engaged with the correct position.

③Rubber pad rubber pad rollers are processed and polished by seamless steel tubes with alloy structure and hard chrome plated.

④Uli rubber pads are made of Taiwan super-resistant, which can be used 6 million times under normal circumstances.
⑤The stencil roller and ULI rubber roller are automatically disengaged by the eccentric device when they are not in the moldless state, which can reduce the no-load load of the machine and prolong the life of ULI rubber and knife mold.

⑥Mechanical transmission Youli rubber roller moves 40 mm from side to side, and is equipped with a radial differential device, which can evenly distribute the rubber roller wear and greatly improve the service life of the rubber roller.
⑦The machine is equipped with an excellent rubber correction device, which can be used after repeatedly correcting the rubber roller many times.

⑧The phase adjustment of the stencil roller planetary structure, 360 degree operation, stop, both positive and negative operation, the phase adjustment accuracy can reach 0.10mm.

⑨Digital display phase indication makes operation and management easy, intuitive and accurate.

Transmission gear

①The main transmission gear is made of high-quality steel, carburized and quenched to increase the density, strength, and toughness of the gear material, and is made by grinding teeth.
②Smooth operation, low noise, high hardness, long life, can achieve long-term printing registration.
③The transmission hub adopts a keyless connection ring, which can connect the shaft with the gear, there will be no gap when using large torque, installation and maintenance are more convenient, the machine can have long-term transmission accuracy, and ensure printing registration.

F. Lubrication

1.Each unit adopts an oil pump to achieve oil circulation to achieve circulating spray lubrication.

2. Each oil tank is equipped with an oil storage balancer, which can make the oil level of each group uniform at the same height.



place of origin



Human, Harbin

Main touch screen





Tanwan Delta

Electrical appliances


France schneider and chian zhegntai

Frequency converter


Taiwan Delta



Zhengtai and Delixi



China Delixi

Main motor


Hebei “mengniu”

ULi rubber pad


Taiwan chaonai

Lead edge feeder wheel


Taiwan chaonai

Slotter kinfe



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