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    Say something about the carton. In fact, strictly speaking, it is not a cardboard box. It is an extension of corrugated cardboard. Now I have tried everything to rely on green environmental protection. Otherwise, it is a bit OUT, but it is still very fun. Home ...
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  • Heavy Cardboard Box

    Heavy Cardboard Box

    What is a heavy cardboard box? To put it simply, many products are made of wood as the outer packaging of the product because of their heavy weight and bulk. Now, due to various factors such as environmental protection, cost, handling and transportation, heavy-duty carton packaging has gradually ...
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  • Features Of Flat Bed Die Cut Machine

    Features Of Flat Bed Die Cut Machine

    ★ perfect design, fine assembly, good stability, strong safety and low noise. ★ high strength paper teeth, advanced open teeth paper mechanism can adapt to various types of corrugated board. Front and back positioning and side positioning mechanism ensure the die cutting accuracy of paper. ★ the ...
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