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Stitcher Machine

  • Semi-auto stitching machine

    Semi-auto stitching machine

    1. Mitsubishi double servo drive, accurate accuracy, reduced mechanical transmission parts, can effectively reduce the mechanical failure rate.

    2. Weilun touch screen operation, parameters (nail distance, number of nails, nail type, back panel) change quickly and easily

    3. The entire control system uses the Japanese Omron PLC control system.

    4. The rear electric baffle is driven by a stepping motor, and the size is accurate, and the size is more convenient and quick.

  • Carton Box Stapler Stitching Machine

    Carton Box Stapler Stitching Machine

    Our factory is a professional one producing DXJ stitch. The DXJ machine is designed according to the advantaged of the same kind of products produced at

    home and abroad. The machine head is structured by double eccentric gears to work together: the pressure angle adopts installation style which is fit for wire cut and which is exchangeable.