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Flat Bed Die Cutting And Creasing Machine

  • semi automatic type

    semi automatic type

    (1) Adopt nodular cast iron-QT500-7, the mainframe wallboard casting by special technology process, thus featuring by high strength, never deformation and ensure the safety of the mainframe wallboard.

    (2) Adopt Taiwan-imported intermittent mechanism to ensure that the machine operates accurately and reduce the occurrence of failure rate.

  • Automatic Type Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

    Automatic Type Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

    The fourth generation of MHC Series Automatic Manual Die Cutting Machine (Tiptronic Die Cutting Machine) based on the third generation of Semi-automatic Die Cutting Machine with Front Conveyor Delivery Mechanism, is equipped with automatic feeder, including both manual paper feeding and automatic feeder paper feeding function. On condition of flat corrugated paper, automatic feeder paper feeding is accepted with raising efficiency and reducing workforce.