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Heavy Cardboard Box

What is a heavy cardboard box? To put it simply, many products are made of wood as the outer packaging of the product because of their heavy weight and bulk. Now, due to various factors such as environmental protection, cost, handling and transportation, heavy-duty carton packaging has gradually replaced. Traditional wooden box packaging

Huawei is a company that everyone knows. It’s too strong, the pride of the Chinese, and the cabinets they export to abroad are now heavy-duty cartons. There are also LeTV, air conditioning, freezer and more.

So what are the advantages of heavy-duty cartons over traditional wooden crates?

1. Reduction of bale materials: On average, the cost can be reduced by more than 15% compared to the closed box. The waterproof paper and waterproof plastic film in the sealed wooden box can be omitted.

2. Simple assembly: Like ordinary cardboard, it can be folded into boxes.

3. Operator safety: When 3A seven-layer corrugated cardboard is made into a box, it is not necessary to use a hammer or a saw used for making a wooden box, and the work safety is high, and no injury accident due to wood thorn is caused.

4. Shorten the working time: the wooden box should be completed by nailing, and the 3A seven-layer corrugated board is folded and then fixed by tape. The packing operation time is greatly shortened, and the weight is 1/3~1/ of the wooden box. 4, light manpower.

5. Light weight: 3A seven-layer corrugated cardboard weighs 1/3~1/4 of the wooden box.

6. Saving transportation costs: When making wooden boxes, the outer volume will be enlarged because the horizontal wooden strips are first nailed when the plates are nailed together. The 3A seven-layer corrugated cardboard is smaller than the wooden box because it is a joint of the integrated surface and the surface, and does not require a wooden strip or the like. It saves transportation costs by improving the transportation efficiency of trucks and containers.

7. Suitable for air transportation: Most air transportation is calculated by weight, so when using light weight 3A seven-layer corrugated cardboard (about 1/3~1/4 of wooden box), it can save a lot of freight.

8. Stacking high strength: 3A seven-layer corrugated cardboard is a kind of cardboard, but it has 10 times of compressive strength of ordinary cardboard, so it can be stacked higher. For example, the compressive strength of a heavy-duty corrugated box with a length of 1 m, a width of 1 m, a height of 1 m and a height of about 3 A is about 3 or 4 tons.

9. Can be made into a sealed package: 3A seven-layer corrugated cardboard box, completely sealed with waterproof tape, so it can be made into a sealed type

10. In line with world specifications: 3A seven-layer corrugated board meets the government specifications of major countries in the world, 100% guaranteed quality.

11. Good moisture resistance (rain) (snow): The strength of 3A seven-layer corrugated cardboard will decrease after rain, but it has the characteristics of post-drying strength.

12. No need for fumigation: In order to protect the natural environment of the country, more and more countries are required to carry out fumigation, disinfection, heat treatment, forced drying and other epidemic prevention of wooden boxes for export packaging, and it takes a lot of anti-epidemic expenses when exporting wooden boxes. All of this can be omitted.

13. The surface can be printed: it can be printed on the same surface as ordinary cardboard, or it can be printed in 3 colors.

14. Can be made into extra large size: 3A seven-layer corrugated cardboard with a maximum width of 2500mm and a length of 5500mm can be attached.

15. Transportation after folding: Due to the folding state transportation, it can save freight and storage materials for packing materials.

16. Easy to dispose of: Since 3A seven-layer corrugated cardboard is made of 100% long fiber raw materials, it can be recycled and reused as high-quality paper raw materials after use.

And the most important point: high added value, good profit, this is the favorite of the owner of the carton. I have a friend who has sold more than 10,000 RMB in six cartons.

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Post time: Nov-11-2021