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Features Of Flat Bed Die Cut Machine

★ perfect design, fine assembly, good stability, strong safety and low noise.

★ high strength paper teeth, advanced open teeth paper mechanism can adapt to various types of corrugated board. Front and back positioning and side positioning mechanism ensure the die cutting accuracy of paper.

★ the worm and the specially designed crankshaft and connecting rod mechanism are connected in the form of bearing bush to reduce the movement clearance, avoid the impact of worm and gear, operate stably, die-cutting pressure is large, and have the high point pressure maintaining function. The worm gear is made of aluminum bronze with excellent wear resistance and long service life.

★ keep the paper feeding and secondary paper receiving mechanism running, shorten the auxiliary time and improve the working efficiency.

★ advanced three-dimensional cam indexing mechanism, pressure regulating device, pneumatic locking plate, pneumatic sampling and overload protection device are adopted. It adopts imported high-precision chain drive and imported pneumatic clutch.

★ leading edge feeding mode is adopted for paper feeding, and secondary positioning mechanism is applied to reduce the requirements for paper. The workers’ hands are far away from the die-cutting parts of the machine to ensure the safety of the workers.

★ the pneumatic plate locking mechanism can make the plate change, pad plate more flexible and convenient, and the plate frame fixed more firmly, accurately and time-saving.

★ programmable controller and human-machine interface, digital display of the working speed of the machine, the total running time of the number of processing sheets, and the fault display of the machine make the troubleshooting operation very convenient. Realize the automatic control and real-time monitoring of each part of paper feeding, die cutting and paper receiving, cooperate with the safety devices of each part, make the operation safe and reliable, machine adjustment and troubleshooting convenient and quick.

★ high precision clearance mechanism, high precision die cutting, stable operation.

★ the automatic paper receiving and paper leveling device makes the paper receiving convenient and tidy.

★ the suspension function of die-cutting steel plate can make the steel plate push in and pull out easily.

★ photoelectric alignment control of double sheet, skew sheet and empty sheet to ensure the accuracy and stability of paper and reduce waste.

★ modular design of electrical control adopts imported electrical components to ensure accurate control and good reliability.

★ circulating cooling oil supply system ensures that the moving parts of the machine are well lubricated and durable.

★ the imported pneumatic clutch, combined with stable and reliable separation, has small braking angle and can transmit large torque.

★ die cutting pressure can be adjusted independently before and after, manual turning is convenient and labor-saving.

★ timing and quantitative oil supply system ensures that other moving parts of the machine are fully lubricated and have a long service life.

★ (optional) three frame linkage mechanism with waste removal function, humanized design, quick and convenient installation and adjustment of waste plates.

★ (optional) the automatic waste removal device can easily remove the waste paper edge of the product (except the undercut edge).

Post time: Nov-11-2021