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ZXJ-B Semi-Automatic Gluer

Short Description:

ZXJ-B type semi-automatic sticky box machine is in recent years the carton manufacturing of new environmental protection equipment, mainly for the carton adhesion, discard the traditional copper nail binding method, improve the production efficiency, ChanPinXing good quality.

Main frame: frame, lift workstation, conveying equipment, middle recently conveying equipment, pressure and device, finished product middle side output equipment, electrical control equipment.

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The product structure

ZXJ-B type semi-automatic sticky box machine adopts sophisticated processing technology and high quality steel processing production, mechanical efficiency is 40 pieces per minute. Using intelligence even Numbers show counter, automatic stacker sided output.

The paper sets can finish lifting automatically or by pedal, convenient and quick, improving production efficiency.

Glue head uses imported high quality American aluminum, glue wheel adopts high quality stainless steel from Japan; glue rubber adopts high quality Japanese POM steel, the natural pressure is made by high quality stainless steel and give glue by glue barrels

Coating adhesive and after fan by strong pressure and drying, after correction by electronic induction automatic output to interrupt pressure and pressure and the control by photoelectric after, set the number of finished product packaging required, automatic horizontal output.

Automatic correction department adopts the 180 degrees directly shooting, effectively correcting scissors difference caused by incorrect paper-pressing. Automatic counting and tidy accumulation.

Fittings choose:

1. The machine choose 380 v AC, power 2.2 KW, energy saving, high efficiency.

2. Choose imported Italian belt loop seamless butt joint belt.

3. Bearing choose the international famous brand TR bearing.

4. Spiral wire rod, ball screw, nut are chosen for 45 # steel, high quality and quenching processing.

5. With Copper set (ZQSn6-6-3), drops of oil lubrication, wear-resisting and durable.

6. The whole machine are chosen for Taiwan's motor's, low noise, environmental protection, energy saving and low energy consumption. 

The main technical parameters


Max size (length+width)*2: 2800mm
Min size (length+width)*2 340mm
Working speed 60m/min
Max size (width+height) 1515mm
Min size (width+height) 260mm
The height of feeding 1000mm
The weight of machine 1500kg
Power 4.0 kw


The main motor power parameters (This unit is made of high quality transmission system at home and abroad and motor)

No. Name Type No Add
1 Reduction WPDS80-1:60-0.75kw 1 Shanghai Fulong
2 Reduction WPDS60-1:20-0.37kw 2 Taiwan Reyong
3 Reduction motor GH18-1:15-200w 1 Taiwan, Europe
4 Reduction motor GH22-1:15-400w 1 Taiwan, Europe
5 Reduction motor GH18-1:10-200w 1 Taiwan, Europe
6 High-pressure blower FJ-200w 1 Guangdong Guangzhou

 The main electrical parameters

No. Name Brand No Add
1 Photoelectric switch Omron 3 Japan
2 Travel switch Tend 2 Taiwan
3 counter Baile 1 Shanghai
4 Abrupt stop Schneider 1 France
5 Indicator Schneider 5 France
6 According to the knob Schneider 7 France
7 Leakage protector Schneider 1 France
8 Relay Omron 6 Japan
9 Ac contactor Schneider 8 France
10 Thermal relay Schneider 7 France
11 Pedal switch Tend 1 Shanghai

The steel chooses

The machine frame, beams, channels, thick wall square tube, thick wall plates, wall plate is USES the high quality of Q235-A steel. Welding place adopts international standard continuous uninterrupted welding technology. All axis adopt high quality parts are all 45 steel modulation processing and processed.

1. Equipped with digital display count, facilitate production microcomputer statistics, convenient management.

2. Equipped with adjustment gear axle agencies, in order to adjust the block, the mobile mechanism of pressure, saves time and effort, convenient and precise.


2、Payment by T/T: 30% down payment and 70% paid before delivery

3Delivery time: Within 25 days after received 30% down payment

4Validity: The quotation will be valid for 30 days

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